Our Story

 In the realm of fashion, a visionary designer sought to resurrect the allure of vintage beauty, breathing life into an era of sophistication and grace. Drawn to the delicate lace necklines, alluring fringes, and shimmering sequins adorning fabric dresses, a desire bloomed within their creative soul. They longed to meld this timeless elegance with the flowing essence of kimonos, garments that gracefully envelop the body. The pain point was evident - a lack of exquisite and versatile tops to complement jackets, cashmere sweaters, or coats. The market yearned for weightless opulence, for a garment that would elevate any occasion with its sheer elegance. Thus, Nicotrella was born, an embodiment of ethereal beauty, catering to the discerning tastes of elegant, delicate, and sophisticated women.